We are pleased that you have engaged our law firm to serve as your legal counsel. Our representation is limited to the matter as described below. To the extent you wish to engage our firm to represent you regarding other matters, you will be required to agree to a separate engagement agreement describing the scope of that representation prior to our initiation of services.


Scope of Representation: The Law Office of Kari E. Arnold or The Law Office of Lauren J. LaPaglia, through TheTicketTaker.com, have been engaged to represent you for the purpose of defending the traffic ticket(s) you submitted through TheTicketTaker.com on todays date. In connection with that representation, you authorize the Law Office of Kari E. Arnold or The Law Office of Lauren J. LaPaglia to electronically access and obtain your driving record from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.


Any legal services required for conducting a hearing, trial, and/or appeals are not covered within the scope of this Letter of Engagement and the fee for the same must be negotiated separately.


You represent that you do not know of any related legal matters that would require my legal services under this agreement. If such matters arise later, you agree that this agreement does not apply to any related legal matter. Therefore, a separate engagement agreement for provision of services and payment for those services will be required if you wish to engage my law firm to perform legal services pertaining to such matters.


Limited Scope of Representation: The scope of our representation does not include advice or services regarding any other legal or non-legal matter other than the traffic ticket(s) you are submitting. If you wish for us to consult with other professionals retained by you regarding this matter, we will communicate with you in writing to confirm the scope of such consultations prior to initiating same.


Fees and Billing Statements: A flat fee of $150.00 for your first ticket and $65.00 for each additional ticket from the same traffic stop is due immediately at the outset of the representation for all services within the scope of our representation as set forth above, which does not include fines you may owe to the court upon disposition of your traffic ticket.


Driving While Intoxicated, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, misdemeanors and work zone violations may incur additional fees.  You will be notified of those fees in advance, which will be confirmed in writing.  Payment of the additional fees will confirm your agreement with the additional legal fees.  No additional work will be done on your case without receipt of payment.


You are responsible for payment of all fines issued by the Court in the jurisdiction in which your traffic ticket occurred.


Late Payment and Failure to Pay: If you fail to pay our statements in full on or before the due date set forth on the statements, we reserve the right to assess you with a monthly service charge equal to 1% of all fees, expenses and disbursements that are past due. This monthly service charge will be billed to you at the end of each month in which a late payment occurs. In no event will the service charge be greater than that permitted by any applicable law.


In the event that we are required to file an action or proceeding to collect any late payment or assessed monthly service charge, you will be required to pay for all costs of collection, including without limitation all filing fees, third-party expenses and attorney's fees incurred for our efforts in collecting such amounts. If we use our own attorneys or legal assistants to pursue such an action or proceeding, the fees charged shall be calculated on an hourly basis using the applicable hourly rates for the attorneys and legal assistants who perform such work.


We will maintain a lien on all files in our possession and their content until we have received payment in full on all amounts due. In litigation matters in which a money judgment or settlement is rendered in your favor, we will maintain a lien on all proceeds thereof to the extent of any unpaid fees, expenses or disbursements.


Responsibilities of Law Firm and Client: We will provide only legal services, as previously described in the Scope of Representation and Limited Scope of Representation sections of this engagement agreement. We will keep you apprised of developments and will consult with you as necessary to ensure the timely, effective, and efficient completion of our work. You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee either the outcome or the timing to complete legal services on your behalf.


You agree to be truthful and cooperative with us, to respond to our inquiries and communications promptly and to provide promptly all information known or available that may be relevant to our engagement. You will provide us with factual information and materials as we require in order to perform the foregoing services. You acknowledge and agree that you remain responsible for making all business or technical decisions and that you are not relying on us for accounting, tax, personal the Attorney-Client Relationship financial matters or business management, and related non-legal matters and advice. You also acknowledge that we are not responsible for investigating the character or credit of persons with whom you may be dealing.


As a matter of our professional responsibility and as long as in our judgment it will not substantively injure your position in this matter, we retain control over decisions affecting our reputation and professionalism. This discretion includes, among other decision, whether to extend deadlines for opposing counsel; whether to cooperate with opposing counsel in scheduling or similar matters; and whether and how matters should be argued in correspondence, pleadings, or to a court administrative body.


We may provide to you newsletters or similar materials regarding general legal developments or matters of current interest. Similarly, we may invite you to attend seminars or symposia where legal topics are discussed. In our experience, such information or events are educational, because a well-informed client will be better equipped to make decisions about the need for future legal representation.


However, it is understood that such communications do not constitute legal advice, and do not create an attorney-client relationship beyond the scope of the representation described herein.


It is your duty to keep us informed of your mailing address and other contact information. If at any time during the course of this representation your address becomes unknown or we are otherwise unable to contact you, we shall be permitted to withdraw from this representation by sending you a certified letter to your last known address and by depositing with the Clerk of the Court for the county of your last known residence any property owned by you in our possession, including but not limited to items of personal property, funds, and any portions of the actual client file that belong to you.


Termination: You may terminate this representation at any time with or without cause by notifying us in writing of your desire to do so. Upon receipt of the notice to terminate representation, we will cease all legal work on your behalf immediately. You will be responsible for paying all legal fees, expenses and disbursements incurred on your behalf in this matter until written notice of termination is received by our firm.


To the extent permitted by rules of professional responsibility and the court, we may terminate our representation at any time if you breach any material term of this agreement, fail to cooperate or follow our advice on a material matter, if a conflict of interest develops or is discovered, or if there exists, at any time, any fact or circumstance that would, in our opinion, render our continuing representation unlawful, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate.


If we elect to terminate our representation, you will timely take all steps reasonably necessary and will cooperate as reasonably required to relieve us of any further obligation to perform legal services, including the execution of any documents necessary to complete our withdrawal from representation.


In such case, you agree to pay for all legal services performed and any legal fees, expenses or disbursements incurred on your behalf before the termination of our representation in accordance with the provision of this agreement.


File Retention and Destruction: At the conclusion of this matter, we will electronically retain the information you submitted and any information received from the Court and District Attorney for 7 years. At the expiration of the 7-year period, we will destroy these files unless you notify us in writing that you wish to take possession of them. We reserve the right to charge administrative fees and costs associated with researching, retrieving, copying and delivering such files.


No Guarantee of Success: It is specifically acknowledged by you that this law firm has not made any warranties or representations to you, nor have we given you any assurances as to the favorable or successful resolution of your claim or defense of the action referred to above; nor as to the favorable outcome of any legal action that may be filed; nor as to the nature or amount of any awards or distributions of property, attorneys fees, costs, or any other aspects of this matter. All of this law firm's expressions relative to your case are limited only to estimates based upon our experience and judgment and are only our opinion. Such expressions should not be considered as representations, promises, or guarantees of results, which might be obtainable, either by way of a negotiated settlement or in a contested trial.


Client Review of this Agreement: You have a right to have this engagement agreement reviewed by another law firm prior to signing it. Likewise, you have the right to review this engagement agreement outside the presence of this law firm and away from the law firm's office prior to signing it. You understand that this law firm is not retained until you click the agree button.


If you have any questions or concerns about the terms of this engagement agreement, please contact us immediately. On behalf of the law firm, we appreciate the opportunity to represent you in this matter.


By clicking the “I agree” button, I confirm that I have read this engagement agreement, understand its provisions, and agree to abide by it.

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